Activities for Social, Intellectual and Vocational Wellness


Social or recreational wellness is the ability a person has to interact with other people. It is also how satisfied a person is with these social interactions, therefore implies having good communication skills, meaningful relationships and positive support systems.

Intellectual wellness is encouraging individuals to participate in creative and stimulating mental activities that can expand knowledge and skills, and help them discover the potential for sharing their gifts with others.

Vocational wellness can be attained when an individual is using his or her skills in a way that brings satisfaction, both to the individual and to society.

Activities found here will support and enhance these areas wellness, individually and simultaneously.

Current Activities

Soothe your senses with this do-it-yourself craft. This can make a great gift, too!

Help residents focus on the things for which they feel thankful this holiday season

Fine and gross motor skills are practiced in this nostalgic activity

Add strengthening exercises AND a new language to residents’ lives!

Fine motor skills, manual coordination and patterning are all practiced in this activity